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Meb College of Theology and Biblical Languages offers undergraduate: two(2) certificate programs and two(2) degree programs and two(2) post-graduate degree programs.

The Biblical Studies Certificate Program
This is a non- degree course of study offered to those with college or professional degrees who are, for example, planning to go to the mission field, yet have no formal Bible preparation. 

The Certificate in Ministry Leadership Program
This is a non-degree program of study offered to those with college or professional degrees to enhance their biblical understanding and develop their spiritual leadership competencies. 

The Associates of Biblical Studies Program
This is built from the Certificate of Biblical Studies. This 60 credit–hours program is designed to give the student a broad scope encompassing specific New Testament and Old Testament studies. Students receiving this degree are prepared to further study at the Bachelor level at Meb College of Theology and Biblical Languages, transfer to other institutions or enter into church-related ministries as biblical-oriented laypersons. Students who earn the A.A. degree and transfer to other institutions are advised to obtain advanced approval in writing from the college to which they plan to transfer the credits. 

The Bachelor of Ministry Program
All students must complete 120 credit hours to earn the Bachelor of Ministry. A minimum of 30 credit hours must be earned at Meb College of Theology and Biblical Languages, addition to transfer credit hours earned toward the Bachelor of Ministry. The final 30 hours must be completed in residence at Meb College of Theology and Biblical Languages.

Master of Theological Studies Program
The Master of Theology is a thirty (30) credit hour program designed to prepare graduates for teaching ministries, for biblical and theologically enhanced pastoral ministry, and for doctoral studies. The M.T.S program is designed for those individuals seeking to develop their theological knowledge and does not want to pursue a Doctor of ministry degree program. Individuals who wish to enroll in the Doctor of Ministry program should pursue it through the Master of Divinity degree program. The M.T.S program is ideal for leaders in Para-Church ministries, Sunday school teachers, and Bible Study leaders etc., to provide such student with a solid foundation in Theology that will enhance other ministry preparation.

Master of Divinity Program
The Master of Divinity is ninety (90) hour credit program designed for those students who already have a foundation in biblical studies. Professional ministry vocations, for which the Master of Divinity is primarily designed to equip students, include pastoral ministry, missions, chaplains and others with a biblical and theological basis for church related ministries. The program also serves as the foundational degree to prepare students for further studies in preparation for vocations in research, teaching, and writing in biblically related fields. Consequently, MEB College seeks to maintain a healthy balance in the program among the biblical, theological, and practical studies.

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